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Hobbit Cast Press Conference

Source: Ross Setford, Associated Press/New Zealand Press Association

One hobbit and thirteen dwarves spoke and posed for cameras Friday, at a press conference held at Park Road Post production facility in Wellington, NZ. The happy crew seemed up-beat and excited for filming to begin on March 21st. Martin Freeman, playing the character of Bilbo Baggins, dismissed and joked about the recent “curse of The Hobbit” rumors that have been circulating saying, “’There are some bits of bad luck associated with it, but we’re all very optimistic. We’re ready to go – just as soon as 2015 comes around.” He also talked a little about his roll as Bilbo, “’Obviously I have been looking up what he was doing … I genuinely, without being … either big headed or falsely modest … think I am quite a good match for him.”

Sir Peter Jackson, who is still recovering from his recent surgery, released this statement: “I’d love to be with you all this morning, but I’m currently under a medical form of house arrest, to prevent me from overdoing it until fully recovered from my recent operation. I’ll be jumping back into it very soon, and to be honest the guys that you’ll be talking to this morning make me laugh so hard, right now I’d be in danger of popping a few stitches.”The complete press conference , just shy of 40 minutes in length, has been posted by and can be viewed here.

The Hobbit, Part 1 premieres in theaters in December 2012.

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