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Saoirse Unconfirmed for ‘The Hobbit’

Since the highly viewed press release of The Hobbit cast aired last week, new rumors and news on the film have hit the web, the top story centering on Saoirse Ronan. During an interview back in January, casting director Ros Hubbard stated to IFTN, “…working with Peter Jackson is like working with a family… Saoirse’s family will go too, everyone is very close and very loving on those sorts of jobs.” Within moments of the articles posting, the word had gone out that Saoirse  had indeed signed on to The Hobbit, to play the woodland elf ‘Itaril’. However, when she was asked about Hubbard’s statement, during this weeks IFTN awards, she responded, “No, nothing has actually been confirmed yet. I’d love to get a role in The Hobbit. I think everybody in the world would like a role in The Hobbit.” It seems we’ll have to wait for further confirmation to dub this
rumor ‘true’.
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