Dunedain Radio Has Set A Launch Date!

It’s official! Middle-Earth Network, aka Dunedain Radio, will go live March 25th, at 8pm CT, so mark your calendars. The Tolkien/fantasy based station is run by three geniuses and fellow Tolkienists: Mark aka Maerech, Candace McCarty of The Green Dragon Inn, and John Di Bartolo of the Lonely Mountain Band. The station offers everything from rock to classical and has had an impressive lineup of podcast interviews, including the most recent, Doug Adams, author of The Music of the Lord of the Ring Films. The Tolkien Professor (Corey Olsen), Ted Nasmith, Kate Madison, Mad Dwarf Workshop, and Gandalf’s Fist are among some of the others to grace the station with their presence. Even Weta Workshop in New Zealand has agreed to let the station re-air their podcasts.
And that’s just the beginning. To kick off their launch date, they have been hard at work, creating their very own Map inspired by Middle-Earth! From February 25 until March 25th you can get your hands on one, for a donation of $15 or more. Once the 25th has gone and passed, you may still receive one for a donation
of $20 and up.
Besides a major revamp of their website under way, Dunedain Radio is now an affiliate of Amazon.com and Audible Books, launching a “One Stop Shop” on everything Tolkien/fantasy-related. It’s a Tolkien lover’s dream, and much needed as there are not many places where you can find such a vast network of Middle-Earth-centered material.
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