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The “Hobbit Paparazzi” Strikes Again

Even before the cast of The Hobbit began arriving in New Zealand, photos of a supposed hobbit set and “barrel testing” graced our computer screens. Yesterday released a set of “exclusive” images including Andy Serkis- complete with his Gollum body suit. Today they’ve manged to top that, with a new set possibly showing Martin Freeman in is Bilbo get-up.
I’ve been very unopinionated on my blog. I make it a point to bring you the news, without any prejudice, but these particular reoccurring stories have gotten under my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for The Hobbit and will be one of those crazy fans who memorizes every behind the scenes moment ( “It’s a splinter?!”). However, when December 2012 finally rolls around, I don’t want to go into the theater knowing all the secret bits. I want it to be fresh, like one of Gollum’s fish. Something I can sink my teeth into.
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  1. Hmm, we already know the story and the cast..looking at those paparazzi pics doesn't really spoil anything for me! 😉

  2. Half the potential audience will have faded away come Dec 2012, if news hounds are not provided with enough morsels between now and then, to keep them salivating for more of THE HOBBIT.

  3. Mulubinba says:

    I would prefer to hear information through actors' webistes or via an official source. The spy shots don't sit well with me – I guess because it is a bit of an invasion of privacy and a bit furtive. (Confess I glanced at them though). I remember seeing LOTR for the first time and being captivated as the books I had read had suddenly been brought to life. I'm hoping TH does the same for me but I want some surprises left and not too much given away 🙂