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Tune into Middle-earth Network’s Interview with Author Doug Adams

Author Doug Adams
If you’ve ever found yourself suddenly humming to the tune of the Shire, as you pass by a grassy meadow, then your one of the millions of fan’s who’ve been influenced by the music of the Lord of the Rings. Howard Shore’s accomplishment won awards and the hearts of every Tolkien enthusiast. Who doesn’t wish they could have walked beside Shore on his journey? Meet the man who has. Doug Adams, author of The Music of the Lord of the Rings, became close friends with Shore, and was right there as the scores were created. His book takes you behind the scenes, into the very heart of the musical storytelling process.
And now, Middle-earth Network (aka Dunedain Radio) will be broadcasting their Bird and Baby interview with Doug Adams this Friday, April 1st at 8 PM CST. I was able to gain a sneak listen last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Some big questions are answered: When did Doug Adams first meet Howard Shore? How did the idea of his book come about? Will he be writing a book on the music of The Hobbit films? The author also goes in-depth on the languages used without the scores, as well as explaining why the musical themes are so important and relevant.
Whether you are a fan of the music, or a fan of the films, be sure to tune in to Middle-earth Network, tomorrow evening at 8 PM CST.


Image is copyright Doug Adams and is used with permission.
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