Middle-earth Network Continues to Grow with A Well-known Addition

Middle-earth Network, a newly launched radio station of fantasy-based content, has gained a new member. Michael Kaiser of Middle-earth Minutes which podcasts Tolkien News, has joined the management team and will be overseeing the technical side of running an internet-based radio station. When I asked Michael how he felt about his new job description, he replied, “Our whole family is excited about Dunedain Radio. We are all fans of Fantasy Fiction – whether J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, or J.K. Rawling and Rick Riordan, etc. etc…. Being integrally involved in an entire network dedicated to the things we love and enjoy is an honor. To have a small part in providing other fans with an Internet community based in New Media is a venture that we are both humbled and thrilled by.” He went on to say, “We are dedicated to helping make the Middle-earth Network the best that it can be, and will work to continue the vision set-forth in the building of the premier destination for Fantasy fans. They deserve no less.”
Any fan of Middle-earth Minutes knows Michael’s son is a vital part of the podcasts, and in his statement to me, he made sure to include him, saying, “I’m excited, also, to have my son (and co-host of Middle-earth Minutes) integrally involved during his formative years. I honestly believe that being surrounded by so many talented and good people that share his interests will go far in continuing his already manifested good character qualities as he grows!”
Among the others who manage Middle-earth Network, are Candace McCarty of The Green Dragon Inn, John Di Bartolo of The Lonely Mountain Band, and  Mark Ostley the founder and head-honcho of Middle-earth Network, who had this to say about their new addition: “I am pleased to have Michael join us as an integral part of Middle-earth Network. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to what all of us are working towards. John, Candace and myself are all of the same mind that Michael is what is needed to bring our efforts to the next level. All of us are honored to share this journey with such an outstanding individual and friend.”


All images have been used with permission.
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