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LOTRO’s 4th Anniversary

Today begins Lord of the Ring Online’s 4th Anniversary Celebration! As you quest across Middle-Earth, vile monsters and fell beasts you encounter will drop tokens that can be traded at a Keeper of Gifts. These Keepers can be found in The Delving Fields, Celondim, Rivendell Valley, Caras Galadhron, the Twenty-First Hall of Moria, Parth Aduial, Esteldin, and Nain Enidh. You’ll also find Games-Masters in some of these locations selling cosmetic items and housing decorations in return for Anniversary Tokens.

You’ll also find the Battle for Glorious Beer in Thorin’s Hall. After all what is more worthy of going into battle than a fine mug of ale?

In addition, the Horse Races will be active once more and this coming weekend, from April 21st to 24th all characters will receive double XP for monster kills!

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