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The Tolkien Professor Announces ‘Exploring The Hobbit’ Book

In an exclusive interview,The Tolkien Professor (Corey Olsen), revealed toMiddle-earth Network’s radio listeners his next bold project. With the blessing of theTolkien Estate backing his work, he will be writing a book called Exploring The Hobbit. It’s being published byHoughton Mifflin, and is due to grace bookstores September 22, 2012. That date holds special meaning for Tolkien fans, as it’s the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien.
The Tolkien Professor is widely known for his freepodcast lectures, detailing Tolkien and his novels and gaining over a million downloads on iTunes. Just this week, he has moved all of his content over to My Middle-earth, a rapidly growing fantasy-based social network. Now you can not only listen to his podcasts, but chat with him in the Tolkien Professor Chat Room, and join in on his group discussions.
With Middle-earth Network’s addition of Corey Olsen and manyother prominent figures in the Tolkien word, it’s clear they’re giving fantasy fans what they’ve needed: access to music, videos, news, authors, artists, scholars, gamers, chat rooms, blogs, and 24 hour radio -all in one place. Quite an amazing network, and as their site says, “It’s only the beginning!”.
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