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John Rhys-Davies Goes Geek Over 48 Frames And Expresses Wish To Join Hobbit Cast

John Rhys-Davies (Gilmi the Dwarf and the voice of Treebeard in LOTR), was among the other stars to gain press this week. In an interview with  STV’s The Hour he stated, “Jackson is actually going to change the way films are made. It’s really a paradigm change. Just shooting at 48 frames for instance, I’m sorry if this is all technical boring stuff but we who are in the business really love this. Films are never going to be the same after this film comes out. ‘The Hobbit’ is not as profound a film as ‘Lord of the Rings’, but it is so loved.”
It was a visit to the set of The Hobbit, when Davis realized how much he wanted to be a part of the film. He toldBelfast Telegraph “It was a very strange feeling going back and seeing so many old faces… Seeing Ian McKellen and young [Andy Serkis] Gollum…It was like going back to your old school where you were being a person of real importance and they treated you courteously, but you’re no longer part of it. It really plucks the heart strings. So I grovelled as obsequiously as I could, to no avail, but Peter’s a very merciful chap… Let’s put it this way. I have been sending pushy, grovelling signals.”
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