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Martin Freeman Leaks Benedict Cumberbatch’s Involvement in ‘The Hobbit’

Benedict Cumberbatch
Thanks to Martin Freeman, who goes by Bilbo Baggins in Middle-earth, we now know his his co-star Benedict Cumberbatch (from the UK show Sherlock) has landed a part in The Hobbit. The news was leaked during the Bafta Awards this past Sunday by non other than Freeman himself who later commented about his inability to keep secrets saying, “I knew I was a sort of a big mouth but I didn’t realise to what extent I was a big mouth, and I’ve just ruined everything…I might not actually go back to a job – they might have just sacked me.” When asked what his exact roll would be in the film, Cumberbatch’s only response was, “I can’t say at the moment, thank you very much.” Seems he is more apt to keep the information secret and safe.
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