Middle-earth News is Reaching Our 1,000th Twitter Follower -Time to Celebrate!

Since it’s January 12th debut into the world of Twitter, middleearthnews has grown and expanded in ways I never thought possible. In just five months I’ve gone from a “me” to a “we”, teaming up with with Middle-earth Network, becoming their News Director, and adding an entire team of news reporters to insure the most accurate and up to date news coverage on all things Middle-earth. And now it seems we are to reach another milestone with our 1,000th Twitter follower. To help celebrate, I’ve decided to give away something every Ringer would want: The Map of the Dwarves! This brilliant work of art was hand crafted by artist Daniel Govar specifically for Middle-earth Network Radio, and I will be giving the Map away to a randomly selected Twitter follower who retweets this link from now until Friday May 27th at 5 PM EST. Remember, you have to be a follower of middleearthnews.
At 17 x 22 on #60 Astroparche text in full color, this map looks just like the one Bilbo Baggins described during one of his most famousest of adventures. So, follow middleearthnews on Twitter and be sure to retweet the word to your family, friends, Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves…well, you get the idea.


Should you not be the chosen winner, but would still love to get your hands on one (or more) of these maps, don’t worry! The Map of the Dwarves is Middle-earth Network’s gift to anyone who donates to the Radio Station. You can find all the information you need here.


The Map of the Dwarves is an artistic recreation based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and is in no way affiliated with Middle-earth Enterprises, the Tolkien Estate, or New Line Cinema.
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