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BREAKING: New Photos of Rivendell Set in Route to Hobbit Studios

Thanks to our new reporter, Jack Machiela, for taking these photos! Jack is a Tour Guide in Wellington, NZ and an avid Tolkien Fan. His job gives him access to ground zero for Hobbit happenings and the list of LOTR/Hobbit cast member’s he’s bumped into is staggering!
Jack took these pictures on the road, as he came up from behind the truck. It was a “very sunny day” he said, so don’t mind the reflections from his car window.
Here you can see par of a stone wall.
This shows the wood supporting the stone wall.
The bundle of wood appears to be fencing of some kind.
If you look closely,  you can see the intricate carvings in the stone wall.
I am very proud to have Jack as a member of the middleearthnews team! Make sure you check out his own amazing blog, The Noldor Blog, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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