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Hi and welcome to our new News segment on Table Top based RPG’S mainly focusing on Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) ICE series. Quick introduction, I am Rick and have been gaming for nigh on twenty years. I first started playing War Hammer and then moved on to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) the next step was MERP having loved Tolkiens
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings it was a natural progression. I have a great bunch of friends who love to Game and Role Play and we have Merped every Sunday night since.

The great thing about Tolkiens Works are the depth in which they stand, there is a new world out there waiting for you and if you enjoy Tolkien there is no better way then to play it yourself. Imagine meeting Gandalf or Elrond, trying your strength against the Witch King or just visiting the Prancing Pony for a pint, all possible within MERP. Another great thing about MERP is that the source books are so informative, there are Maps, inner stories , history, all relevant and sanctioned by Tolkien Estate.

Thanks for reading and there will be more posts to come about recent Modules we are playing, characters, adventures and more,. If you have any questions on RPG’s or any content you would like to discuss please contact me. Happy Gaming.

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