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Weatherstock LOTRO 18/6/2011

Hello all Middle-Earthians just a quick reminder about the upcoming Online Concert tommorow being held on LOTRO with some great bands playing including The Hobbiton Philarmonic, The Shades, The Green Hill Music Society, Black Heart Pirates and many more… there is also a Dance Competition including a Pairs section and a Group section (Four Dancers) to add to the fun and Music Festivities.

Weatherstock is being held on the summit of Amon Sul on the Landroval Server. The Opening Ceremonie will begin at 4pm with three hours of music then the highly anticipated Battle of the Bands, will it be as intense as the Battle of the Five Armies we shall see, then we have the closing Ceremonie and Award giving will end proceedings at 7.40pm

It is deemed in the interest of smooth flow to turn your Graphics down to low, you do not want lag or glitching. Reduce Res, Turn down shadows, Reduce draw distance also turn off on-hit combat effect (Combat options) and finally the silly but important one take off your hats (Usually complex design). The Lonely Mountain Band will be selling Ale, Pipe Weed and Hope Tokens which will go into the overall pot.

So get yourself to Amon Sul and have a great afternoon and meet some new Friends or even some new Party members. Lets Rock.

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