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BREAKING: First Look of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins!

These pictures were just released by Entertainment Weekly, hot off the press! What do you think, Hobbit fans? Does Martin Freeman capture your image of Bilbo Baggins? Let’s play “Caption it!” with the top image! Leave your thought of what’s going through Bilbo’s head on our comment section below.

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  1. Did I remember to put pipeweed on the list?

  2. Bilbo reading the list of names of the 13 dwarves and their incredible bucket lists. Defeat Smaug, find dwarf women, etc. (I'm also @stanknrankn on twitter)

  3. Mmm, so taking a closer look at Gandalf's new pic- notice he's in a tree? Can anyone guess what scene I'm thinking of?

  4. Bilbo studies the Gas Bill with great alarm :S