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Lord of the Rings Online are doing a special offer at the moment for a limited time only for a Twelve Month Subscription is $99.99 with a monthly Subscription being $14.99 you can save a grand total of $59.88 over the Year which is a valid saving.VIP access grants you entry to all Races, Quest Packs and Classes during the run time of your subscription. Also you will get the jump early to New Content, a Monthly Turbine point grant, Extra Character Slots and much more ….It’s easy to become a VIP Member just go to and create an Account, Log in and Subscribe, this will guarantee you FREE Monthly Turbine Points. You can also go to for information about VIP Perks. If you are already gaming on LOTRO and are a current VIP, but want to be a part of the saving, Simply go to, Log in to your current account, Change Billing Option and pick the 12 Month VIP plan for $99.99. Hope this was helpful, Happy Gaming.

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