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Confirmed Voice Actors for War In The North

When War in The North (WITN) started looking for Voice Actors for the lead roles they knew there was some big shoes to fill, Ian Mckellen was great as Gandalf with a stern yet soothing, wise voice and they need something similar for the WITNGame so they looked to Tom Kane (left) better known for his take on Yoda in the animated series Star Wars – The Clone Wars where he did a great job, he is also known for his work with Marvel on various Animated ventures and a part in the massive Call of Duty – Black Ops.You may also recognize Nolan North’s voice from the Uncharted Series where he voiced Nathan Drake, in WITN he will bring life to the Human Ranger Eradan that makes up one third of the New Fellowship. Nolan also has many credits with Marvel playing Dead Pool and Game experience playing parts in Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed.

Another confirmed Voice Actor is Yuri Lowenthal (right) playing Frodo Baggins. Somewhat of a Game Voice Veteran with many Games under his belt including Dragon Age 2, Fallout – New Vegas and the Prince of Persia which he has voiced the lead in seven outings. Yuri also has links to Anime with parts including the well known Afro Samurai, surprisingly he plays Ben Tennyson in the ever popular Ben Ten cartoons.

With such Voice Talent involved and the already visually stunning Graphics shown, mixed in with some stunning Music we at Middle Earth News think WITN will be sure fire hit.

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