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Official War in The North Trailer Out Now

Well here with yet more War in The North Love with the Officially Released Trailer out today. Warner Brothers and Snow Blind are on to a winner here with an amazing teaser seeing our Three Hero’s battling Dark Forces in a Mini Fellowship including a Human Ranger, Dwarf Warrior and a Female Mage. I do not want to say too much but I am in love with the Full Platemail Clad Dwarf in all his glory, its a shame Gimli did not wear such Armour.

The new take on WITN is a winner and they have looked to have tied the story up pretty tight to coincide with other goings on in Middle Earth. Angandaur seeks to destroy the Northern Dwellers for Sauron, this is where you come in to help defend the Northern Territories. With Co-Op a massive part of it, players must join together to complete the Quest or perish doing so.

We can not wait for this title to hit shelves and will be doing a full comprehensive review as soon as the game is released in the Fall. Remember to go to to Pre-Order your copy.

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