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Rise Of Isengard Expansion Pack – Screenshots Released

Well not long to go now until the new Lord of the Rings Online expansion pack is released – The Rise of Isengard, its out on the 27th of September but the development team have released some Screenshots to wet our taste buds. The Shots include the Gap of Rohan and the Tower of Orthanc. The shots look great and should satisfy bored Gamers.

The Rise of Isengard will consist of Three Zones with Isengard playing a major part with Dunland and the Gap of Rohan too. There has also been an increase in achieveable levels being increased to Level 70. Dunlan borders Enedwaith (the current boundaries). Isengard will of course feature the Tower of Orthanc, the home of turned Wizard Saruman. So remember RPG Posse 27th of September is time to take it to Saruman and the other denizens of Middle Earth.

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