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Stephen Fry and Luke Evans Have Arrived in New Zealand

After a break from the first leg of production, there are signs that The Hobbit is getting ready to start filming again. In just the last 24 hours both Stephen Fry and Luke Evans have landed in New Zealand to begin preparing for their roles.

Left: Stephen Fry/ Right: Luke Evans

Fry is playing the part of the Master of Laketown, an elected official inclined to look out for himself rather that others. Evans’ role is Bard the Bowman, described to be a grim-faced man but of a good, steady character. Much to their fan’s delight, both actors have been “Tweeting” their New Zealand experiences on Twitter. Check out some of their posts below:

@Mr_Luke_Evans Luke Evans
photo shoot for Dazed and Confused with awesome photographer Rankin tomorrow in LA before I fly to NZ for the Hobbit. Bring on the Bard!!!!! (July 30)
@stephenfry Stephen Fry
Flying from Cape Town to Jo’burg to Sydney to NZ tomorrow. Will be Tuesday by the time I land in Wellington. Hobbitry beckons. (July 30)


@stephenfry Stephen Fry
Landfall! It’s Tuesday here in NZ. Just after midnight. Lordy. (Aug. 1)


@stephenfry Stephen Fry
So here I am in New Zealand. Brightish but not freezing. Time difference a little alarming. We’re 11 hours ahead of UK time, so 10:05 now (Aug. 1)
@Mr_Luke_Evans Luke Evans
lovely dinner with the fascinating mr fry and charming mr jackson this evening. (1 hr. ago)
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters December 14, 2012 followed by The Hobbit: There and Back Again premiering Decemeber 13, 2013.
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