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Celebrate Tolkien Week with MEnet!

Tolkien Week

Celebrate the author who made Middle-earth come alive. Celebrate The Hobbit‘s 74th year of publication. Celebrate the Lonely Mountain Band’s long awaited new album, Second Breakfast. Be it literature, music, gaming, films or giveaways Middle-earth Network has something for everyone to enjoy during this special week.

Tomorrow kicks off our Hobbit Day festivities with an all day “Unexpected CD Release Party” event. Join in the fun as John Di Bartolo takes over LOTRO’s Bird and Baby and Middle-earth Network’s Radio waves in celebration of his Second Breakfast album. I, myself, will be giving away all kinds of Hobbity prizes on Twitter and attempt to find my way to the Bird and Baby on LOTRO (yes, you have my permission to laugh at my non-gaming skills). Don’t forgot to tune into Middle-earth Network Radio at 9:30 PM EST for an exclusive LIVE interview with the three Hobbits behind Road to the Shire.

Now, as a tribute to J. R. R. Tolkien, leave a comment below telling us what inspires you most about the novels he wrote and the live he lived.


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  1. What I find most inspiring about the novels especially in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is that a normal person (hobbit) can become a hero if given the opportunity, and they choose to step up to the challenge. They may not realize they are taking on a hero sized challenge at the beginning of the journey. Frodo is a good example. His original task was just to take the ring to Rivendell, but he chose to carry it all the way to Mordor. He didn’t back down in the face of overwhelming tasks, self doubt, and illness, but keep plodding along even when he don’t see the end. It was his task and the right thing to do, and he was going to finish it or else.

    I something I appreciate about Tolkien’s writings. The good guys have doing the right thing at the center of the decisions they make. It might not end up being the right thing when the dust settles, but they still tried to do what was right. On the other side of that coin are the bad guys which can be clearly seen as having not good intentions of any kind. It’s when the ring gets involved that things get messy.

  2. Nicholas Oefinger says:

    As a lifelong fantasy writer and gamer, albeit casually, I find it inspiring that a respectable and well-educated member of the gentry could indulge in such fantastical material, and be respected for it. The intelligence, creativity, and sheer wisdom of Middle-Earth is contagious; it encourages the reader to think, and to approach new challenges in their day-to-day life with dedication and principle. The underlying focus on such primal concepts as friendship, love and brotherhood is deeply moving, a reminder of what truly is important in life. Every person can pick up the Lord of the Rings, read it, and feel a connection that somehow resonates with the events of their own life, and feel somehow the better for it.

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