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Middle-earth Wants You!

Middle-earth News is on the hunt for reporters. In case you haven’t heard we had so many visits earlier today on My Middle-earth we actually crashed the server! The Network has exploded with all kinds of Tolkien and high fantasy fans who want to connect with others who share the same interests and want accurate and up to date news on “all things Middle-earth”. To keep up with the volume of visitors on our sites we need help covering the large amounts of news flowing in.


If you are interested in becoming a reporter for MEnews here are some things you’ll need to consider before applying:

Passion and Dedication– We are looking for people who love Tolkien more than their Mama…uh don’t tell her I said that, ok? Seriously though, we want passionate people who share the same vision as we at Middle-earth Network hold to.

Time– Being a reporter means researching what you are reporting about. It means making sure all information is accurate and credit is given where credit is due. It means knowing copyright laws and strictly adhering to them. It means being available because news has no sense of time.

Talent– You’ve got to be able to write and write with personality.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Our current news covers five categories:

-Art and Literature News (from books to artists to swordsmiths)

-Gaming News (from Table-top to MMOs)

-Movie News (The Hobbit Films to Born of Hope)

-Network News (from Radio Interviews to Special Announcements)

-Tolkien News (from his life to the works he created)


If one (or several) of those categories “bakes your cake” and you’ve got the talent and passion back it up, send an e-mail to with the following information:

– Subject of e-mail should be labelled “Middle-earth News Reporter Application”

-Your name and news category you are specifically interested in

-Contact information in case of acceptance

– A writing sample no longer than a page in length

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  1. Why not keep this site strictly to Tolkien? There are examples of web sites that started covering other things too, which resulted in the Tolkien aspect becoming a side issue.

  2. @ardamir: I’m inclined to agree with that as well – the site is called middle-earth news, not narnia news or hogwarts news… let’s stick to that. I’ve got nothing against either of them (or scifi or other fantasy), but I have other places I get my news from those.

  3. Thanks for your comments and honestly it made me happy to see your concern over MEnews’ future. Let me clear up what I wrote in the above post. MEnews will go on as usual- “tracking all things Middle-earth”. As far as Narnia, Scifi and Potter news, —- we’ll periodically cover the stories that seem appropriate to the Middle-earth Community, but our emphasis will always remain on Middle-earth, Tolkien, and it’s counterparts.