Middle-earth Network Member Spotlight: Moranae

With all the amazing and talented folks joining My Middle-earth social network we thought it was high time we began spotlighting some of our top members. Meet  Dominique. Her constant kindness and willingness to help out other network members caught our eye and we wanted to get to know her a little more.

Known as “Moranae” on My ME, Dominique is originally from Corsica but it’s Montreal that the soon to be 58 year old now calls home. Having retired, she spends her days with her husband, Simon, little dog Banjo and her cat Cookie. She also enjoys writing in both English and French, listening to jazz music and playing LOTRO. “Writing” she says “is the moment where I share my soul and heart and offer it without restrictions.”

When asked what brought her over to My ME she replied, “I worked  long ago in France, in the domain of Arts (books Art about cinema, automobile …) and I was very active. I met extraordinary people, not for their reputation but their simplicity. Be they authors, readers, experts of Arts or novice of Arts, every one of them was important to me. I always thought that the internet was the way to continue to meet extraordinary people: the kind that none would ever heard about due to distance and language. I felt this the first time I went on My ME…

My Me is a large family. I feel at home there. But what attracts me is the [openness] I find in each of the founders and members, sharing their love of life and expressing it through Arts. When you think all is lost and all of a sudden someone offers you the beautiful glimpse of a smile, then there is still hope and your duty is to help and participate even if you are a little one, in the growing of that hope. For me this is My Me…

When I log in and see I have 42 friends, this brings a smile to my face. Some would say that friends on the internet have false value. Those 42 count a lot to me. I check their profile regularly, I have the humble wish that their life is as good as possible. Not so long ago, those friends kept my hope strong with their words and allowed me to continue to go on, how could they not be my friends!”

To get to know Moranae more, friend her on My Middle-earth.

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  1. Wonderful article! Thank you for all you do, Moranae. I have a friend who is also from Corsica – so that Island holds a soft spot for me.