This Week’s Founders’ Inklings: Grail Quest Books

Tune in this Tuesday, October 25, at 10 PM EST on Middle-earth Network Radio as The Founders’ Inklings talks the Highlander with Kassandra from Grail Quest Books (GQB).

The company has received the opportunity to develop and publish novels and comic books for one of the most recognized fantasy brands in the world–Highlander! But first they need to acquire the publishing rights, and Davis-Panzer Productions has agreed to give them a once in lifetime opportunity to do so through the popular Kickstarter website.

If they acquire the rights, GQB will be publishing a 3-4 book story arc exploring the brand’s core mythos and developing characters from the TV series. They will be working directly with fan-popular creative consultant on the series, David Abramowitz!The adventure covering the books will extend from where the primary TV series canon leaves off (and will also be in line with the re-imagining of the original film that is in production). More of the plot details will be revealed as pledge thresholds are reached, but here is the first hint that has been revealed so far: ‘The impetus for the heroes’ journey in this book series is briefly mentioned during an episode of one of the early seasons of the TV series…’

They only need about 3,500 people to pledge $25 for this to become a reality. Pledging is super easy, and there are cool rewards as well! Plus those pledging lose ZERO money if the pledge goal isn’t reached at the end of the campaign. This is a great opportunity for the Highlander community to get behind and be a part of! Rewards include: advance copies of ebooks, limited edition softcovers and hardcovers; limited opportunities to develop a supporting character; framed and unframed prints of cover art; signed and unsigned official Highlander items including mugs, t-shirts, jackets, limited edition daggers! The signed items are by Highlander film/TV series producer Peter S. Davis (mugs, t-shirts, jackets) or film/TV series star Adrian Paul (daggers). To pledge, click HERE.

You can also pledge for a reward that includes a phone call from Mr. Davis!! This is an amazing, once in a lifetime, opportunity that the licensor has granted to our relatively new publisher (we just celebrated our third year this past June). Getting this license not only gives GQB the amazing opportunity to help develop a franchise we personally love and care about, but it also provides extremely valuable exposure to our other projects and the creative teams that have been working on them for the last several years.

Success with this Kickstarter campaign gives GQB the foundational resources we need to develop our projects further and build long-term relationships with licensors we want to work with (like Davis-Panzer Productions and the property associated with this Kickstarter project) and the creative people/licensors we are already working with, and the opportunity for us to give other talented people we meet the chance to shine in their creative callings–be it on our projects or their own.

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  1. The pledge drive is at $4216, and we have just posted a video at the Kickstarter page with Grant Kempster–the illustrator who would be doing the cover art for the book series–talking a bit about the project 🙂