Special Guest Tom Merritt on The Founders’ Inklings Nov. 15

Middle-earth Network is excited to announce that Tom Merritt will be joining The Founders’ Inklings as the special guest Tuesday, November 15 at 10 PM EST. The broadcast will air LIVE on Middle-earth Network Radio and will be available for download if you are unable to tune in.

Merritt co-hosts The Sword and Laser, a podcast and book club that centralizes on fantasy and science fiction. He also runs SuBBrilliant.com, anchors Tech news Today (TWiT), was the executive editor for CNET TV, and has been interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS Radio, NPR and more.

As always, you can join in the discussion by sending in your own questions for Tom in our Live Event Chat room or from the Bird and Baby Inn on LOTRO’s Landroval server.

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  1. Sweet, might actually be off work in order to catch this!