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The Tolkien Professor’s 8th Annual LOTR Marathon Nov. 12

The Tolkien Professor’s EIGHTH annual LOTR marathon is Saturday, Nov. 12!

Join The Tolkien Professor, aka Corey Olsen, on November 12 for the 8th Annual Tolkien Movie Marathon at Washington College. All Are invited!! They will be starting the Fellowship of the Ring at 10 AM EST and end with the Return of the King at about 1 AM EST. A hobbit-pleasing six meals will be served over the course of the day. Admission is FREE.

Beyond the food and films there will be discussions and Q&A sessions led by Professor Olsen about the books, including speculation about the upcoming Hobbit films. All discussions will be recored and aired later on Middle-earth Network Radio, as well as released on Professor Olsen’s iTunes podcast feed. All updates will be posted to The Tolkien Professor’s Facebook page which is where the address and directions will also be posted closer to the date.

Middle-earth Network will be covering the event via Twitter, Facebook and some on-site interviews, possible live-streamed. Check back this week for details.

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  1. Would be great it if could live streamed for us West coasters (and anyone else for that matter) who can’t make it but would love to take part in the conversation or at least watch and listen in real-time.