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This Week on The Founders’ Inklings: Artist Jef Murray

"Edoras" By Jef Murray


Tune into The Founders’ Inklings on Middle-earth Network Radio this Tuesday, November 8, at 10 PM EST to hear our pre-recorded interview with, Jef Murray! Afterwards, we’ll be discussing some of Middle-earth Network’s up-coming projects and more.

"Reepicheep" By Jef Murray

Jef Murray’s work has graced Heren Istarion – The Northeast Tolkien Society, Beyond Bree calendars, The Tolkien Society (UK), Amon Hen, Mallorn, Silver Leaves, Mythprint, Parma Nole, and Aiglos. And the list doesn’t stop there. The Georgian artist is also the artist-in-residence for the St. Austin Review (StAR), and has collaberated with Tolkien biographer Joseph Pearce on an EWTN television special that aired this past April.

Jef’s passion is not only influenced by J. R. R. Tolkien’s work but with C. S. Lewis’ as well. Many of his sketches include characters from The Chronicles of Narnia. To view more of Jef Murray’s art visit his website.

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You can read more about Jef in our Q&A: Part 1 and Part 2

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"Lucy and the Spellbook" By Jef Murray

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  1. When the beauty of a painting is matched by the human qualities of the artist, then ….

    Great moment last night