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Middle-earth Calendars for 2012

Fans of Tolkien will be able to mark their days this coming year with some brilliant art calendars. We have heard of at least two options to tempt you this winter, whether you go by Shire reckoning or the Common Era.

Jef Murray’s Fantasy Calendar

Illustrator Jeff Murray has released a 2012 calendar featuring his colorful illustrations.  Jef may be best known through his artistic contributions to the British Tolkien Society, though his works are well-known throughout the wider Tolkien community.

Jef Murray's 2012 Calendar

Jef Murray's 2012 Calendar


The artist has thrown a little extra in this one: a 17″ centerfold featuring Lothlorien at dusk:


by Jef Murray

by Jef Murray


Jef’s dedication to the text is obvious. You can read more about his vision on his website, Jef Murray Studios, where he includes comments for each piece he’s created.  Jef’s Fantasy Calendar is available for purchase for $16.95 + $3 shipping through his website. And because Jef is a true Tolkien fan, half of the proceeds from the sales will go to support ALEP2!


Beyond Bree’s 2012 Calendar

Mensa’s J.R.R. Tolkien Special Interest Group has announced in their newsletter, Beyond Bree, the release of their new calendar for 2012. Filled with illustrations from new as well as well-known artists, this year’s calendar is all about elves.

Beyond Bree 2012 Calendar

Beyond Bree 2012 Calendar

Holidays from Middle-earth are to be included alongside those we celebrate today, making this a special piece that will keep you immersed in Tolkien throughout the year. It is available for purchase through Paypal (  for $20 + $2 shipping in the US, or +$5 shipping outside the US. You may also go the old-fashioned route and send your check or money order (from a US bank, please) to: Nancy Martsch, PO Box 55372, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA.  For more about the group producing the calendar, visit them at the Beyond Bree website.

Edited to add:

Good news everyone! Another calendar has made its way onto the horizon…

Cor Blok’s 2012 calendar:

Cor Blok calendar

Blok is known to have met Tolkien himself, and Tolkien even purchased some of his work. This calendar sits on the other end of the illustration spectrum. Those who’d like another take on Middle-earth, or who are perhaps longtime fans of Blok’s art, will appreciate this one. (Incidentally, I quite like his illustration The Battle of the Hornburg). For purchase here.

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  1. Ginger, the Beyond Bree calendar features the work of many different artists,
    and it is always a treat. Nancy and Daniel just released the cover image, and
    folks can see it here: