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Hobbit Film Crew Arrives at Takaka Hill

The next stop on the block of location shooting for The Hobbit films is Takaka Hill at the Canaan Downs Scenic Reserve in New Zealand. According to, crews were setting up and guarding structures on November 11, preparing for a week of filming before the production heads to locations further south.

The crew of The Hobbit films arrives at Nelson Airport, on their way to film at Takaka Hill.

Jules Harper, a representative from Canaan Downs, said that visitors often point out that the area is “just like the Lord of the Rings,” and added, “It’s a real honor just to be involved.” Harper said she was not allowed to give specifics about the filming itself, but did mention, “They have got a lot of equipment.”

Alfie Speight, a local helicopter pilot, will be helping out with aerial filming from his Squirrel helicopter. Speight, who was also involved in The Lord of the Rings and other New Zealand-based productions, has already flown a cameraman to other Hobbit filming locations; he said they could be filming at Takaka Hill as early as November 12.

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