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From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages

From Elvish to KlingonFun fact: I was going to write this entire post in Elvish.

I kid.

Or do I?

Moving on.

Michael Adams’s From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages seems to be one of those books that promises nerds like us the opportunity to get a different take on Tolkien as a linguist. Chapter four, specifically, is dedicated to the man and to his fifteen (FIFTEEN!) invented languages. The only invented language I ever experience is when my husband talks in his sleep.

And while fans of Tolkien will definitely want to pick this one up,  the other chapters sound enjoyable as well. There are essays on sci-fi languages, gaming language (Simlish, anyone?), dystopian vocabulary, and even revitalized languages. Word nerds, world-builders, armchair linguists – I think everyone can find something fun in here. I’ll be picking this one up pretty soon and will offer a full review later on.





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  1. Being a tattoo lover i may check this book out always wanted some Elvish Runes or perhaps a Klingon war cry 🙂

    • gingerherring says:

      Hey, why not give the attendants at the old folks’ home something to talk about? Nothing ages as gracefully as Tengwar.