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Road to the Shire and The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Road to the Shire Hobbits are at it again! Beri, Olo, and Toad (otherwise known as Mitch Stevens, John D. Storey, and Jon Wright) are on a mission to get back to the Shire and they need your help to get there. Their hope is to gain an invitation onto The Hobbit set in New Zealand and in order for that to happen they need to gain the attention of the film’s producer and director, Peter Jackson.

The Road to the Shire Hobbits: Toad, Olo, and Beri

In the past, the Hobbits reached out to Justin Bieber through their hilarious video but tomorrow they will be spotlighting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Why Ellen’s show? They are big supporters of the numerous charities and causes Ellen supports such as Children’s Health Fund, Feeding America and Soles4Souls.

So how can you help?

The Road to the Shire Hobbits are asking fans from around the globe to participate in a massive Twitter blitz this Thursday, November 17. Mention @TheEllenShow with a Thanksgiving theme, thanking Ellen for all the causes she supports, and end the tweet with a @roadtotheshire mention and the hash-tag #hostthehobbits.

It will take all Tolkien fans to help us reach our goal.” John Storey (Olo) explains. “This Twitter blitz gives all fans the chance to make a mark on the movie they love.

While the “Twitter Blitz” will take place on the 17th, the three Hobbits want to encourage fans to continue thanking Ellen all the way up to Thanksgiving Day.

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