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This Week on TFI: Tim White of ALEP II

This week on The Founders’ Inklings:

Join the Middle-earth Network Founders at 10 PM EST this Tuesday (November 22nd) on Middle-earth Network Radio as they interview this week’s special guest, Tim White, of “A Long Expected Party” (ALEP). Those that have attended ALEP, an annual Tolkien-themed convention held in Kentucky’s Shaker Village, know Tim as non-other than “Mister Baggins”.

As described on the ALEP2 website, “Tim’s many years in theater was of unfathomable help in the first ALEP. Putting his many skills to use in make-up, acting, stage management and business knowledge, he was a key factor in ALEP ever happening at all and continues to be. Undisputed in the role of Mister Baggins, Tim is an ever-present force at the event and seems to have to ability to be several places at once (or disappear altogether).

Listeners can participate by using our Chat Room, which you can find at the bottom of Gamers can also join in by meeting us in LOTRO’s Bird and Baby Inn, located on the Landroval server.

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