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Enhanced Edition of The Hobbit

This Wednesday marks the release of the enhanced edition of The Hobbit, and it’s none too soon for fans eager to devour all things hobbit-related. While we wait for movie news, video blogs, and cast photos, here we can find the comfort of an old story mingled with the excitement of a new experience.

Even those who swear by traditional books, hardbound and smelling of the press and ink, can admit that this new edition is enticing. Aside from the previously unpublished illustrations, this ebook also boasts original manuscript pages, a foreword by Christopher Tolkien, and audio of Tolkien himself reading snippets of the story – including the now-famous encounter between Bilbo and Gollum.

So what do you think? e-reader owners, will you be purchasing this edition? Will this extra content entice the rest of you to buy an e-reader, or do you remain a true-blue bound-book lover, no matter the extras?



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