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Radagast Returns to Middle Earth Next Year

Sylvester McCoy will play Radagast the Brown in the Hobbit films, and though he has already visited New Zealand twice for both studio work and shots on location, he will be back for more in 2012. McCoy spoke to TVNZ earlier this year, and said he would be “coming back for a couple of days” in February.

He mentioned how he played the Fool to Ian McKellen’s King Lear when they both toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2007. When asked if there was anyone that he looked up to, McCoy joked, “I look up to everybody; I’m not very tall. […] Ian McKellen I look up to all the time, but again, it’s because he’s such a tall fellow.”

McCoy is very tight-lipped about details of The Hobbit films, joking that he had been “programmed by Weta” to cover his mouth every time he said the word “Hobbit.” Fortunately, at Dragon Con Atlanta in September 2011, he remarked, “I can’t tell you anything about the costume. But if you think about Saruman the White and what he wore, and if you think about Gandalf the Grey and the color he wore, there might be a hint in my name. That’s all I can say.”

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