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Wardens of Westmarch Debuts on M-e Net Radio

Council of Westmarch

The Wardens of Westmarch is the official podcast of The Council of Westmarch, a Tolkien community serving the Montana, U.S. and surrounding areas.

The podcast is hosted by Danbo Brandybuck; President of the Council of Westmarch, and endeavors to bring to listeners the latest Hobbit-movie news, book discussion, collectibles reviews, special guest interviews, the latest happenings within the CofW and world of Tolkien fandom in general, etc.; a virtual smorgasbord of Tolkien-related goodness.


Wardens of Westmarch will air on Middle-earth Network Radio, Tuesdays at approximately 2 Am, 11 AM, & 7 PM EST, immediately following ‘Secrets of the Hobbit’ by Fr. Roderick.

About the Hosts

Danbo Brandybuck:  President and founder of The Council of Westmarch, and a bit of a Tolkien expert (at least, he’d like to think so).  With his wife, Charigrin Took-Brandybuck, he keeps things running smoothly at Brandy Hall, the home of the Brandybucks and headquarters of the CofW.

Goldberry:  The Hobbit-movie news correspondent for the podcast, she scours the internet for the latest tidbits of movie information.  Visit her blog at

Other Council members may contribute to the podcast from time to time.

About the CofW

Meeting unofficially since 2007, the Council of Westmarch is a Montana-based Tolkien community (the only one of its kind in the state) dedicated to friendship, fellowship, the promotion of Professor’s works and the love of them that binds us all together as Tolkien fans.  In 2009, the Council was officially founded as a unified organization.

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