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A Hobbit’s Cookbook

The only people who should be excited by what I am about to say are people who need to eat. Ready?

Astrid Tuttle Winegar (scholar and author of Why Does “Frodo Live?”) will be coming out with a new Middle-earth-themed cookbook next autumn!  A Hobbit’s Cookbook: Eleventy-one Sweets, Snacks, and Savories Inspired by Middle-earth will contain recipes not just for hobbits, but for elves, orcs, and “even Gollum”. Perhaps this means some imaginative sushi?

Well... sort of imaginative.

I, for one, am interested to see what food makes the eleventy-one cut, and how true the recipes will be. I hope to see recipes that are new and simple and interesting.  I wonder, too, whether the author will be the creator of each recipe. If so, I think we should all move in and volunteer as taste-testers.

Can’t wait til next year? You can find your Hobbit-food-fixes in a variety of other sources:

Regional Cooking from Middle Earth: Recipes from the Third Age at Amazon for $25

Middle-earth Cookbook (a free online compilation)

-An inspirational list of Middle-earth food on Wikipedia

– And perhaps another cookbook on the horizon? The source for this article also claims that Georgeanne Brennan/Jabberwocky are coming out with The Unofficial Hobbit Cookbook, though no date is given. Let us know if you’ve heard any rumors about this as well!

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