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Test Your Tolkien Trivia with “Riddles in the Dark”

Get ready to test your Tolkien trivia!

Each week on The Founders’ Inklings, Network Founder John Di Bartolo will be testing listeners on their Tolkien trivia by asking tricksy “Riddles in the Dark”. The first person to email the correct answer to is the winner.  We will announce the winner at the end of the show the following week (Tuesdays at 10 PM EST).  Prizes will vary each week and can be a product of the Middle-earth Network or it’s affiliates or sponsors.

This weeks question:  “Who had a floor of silver as well as a roof of gold?”

Good luck to all those who enter, may the best Tolkienologist win!

Riddles in the Dark from the Lonely Mountaineer and resident loremaster, John Di Bartolo, are purposely made difficult and tricksy to offset the advantage of all the internet technology and research tools at hand.

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    The Woods of Lothlórien