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Luke Evans is a bit of a LOTR Fanboy

Luke Evans has played a number of powerful and stoic characters onscreen and was cast to play the heroic Bard the Bowman in “The Hobbit.” He is also a bit of a “Lord of the Rings” fanboy.

In a recent interview with Fox All Access, Evans confessed, “I was a huge fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings.” It only made sense that he was excited about director Peter Jackson’s involvement in “The Hobbit.” “I heard that Peter was doing it before I was even offered the role,” he said. “For me, it felt like this is how it should be – that it’s Peter’s creation.”

Evans has already been to New Zealand to film some of his scenes, and the experience is unlike anything else. “You feel like you’re arriving to a family that you’re being inaugurated into. And they are lovely. [He laughs] The Jacksons are lovely! And everybody that surrounds them are great people. He works with a team that’s worked with him for his whole career,” he said. “Everybody’s there to just thoroughly relish this piece of cinematic history. It’s just very special.”

His first day on set was awe-inspiring and gave him “a little bit of a heart-flutter.” He was shown around all of the sets and even got to step inside some familiar locations. He exclaimed, “I actually walked into Bilbo’s house! It was the most amazing thing. I mean, I’ll never forget these moments.”

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