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PC Gamer Spotlights the LOTRO Community

In PC Gamer’s latest issue readers get a inside look into the Lord of the Rings Online Community, mainly the music and concerts that help the community thrive. Among the groups to be spotlighted were Harperella of the Lonely Mountain Band , Goldenstar of A Casual Stroll to Mordor, Ales and Tales, and the annual Weatherstock concert. It was great to see so many friends of the Network mentioned in PC Gamer!

There is one little item that needs to be cleared up. In the article the author states that Harpella of the Lonely Mountain Band released the musical album Beyond the Western Seas, however, when confirming that fact with John Di Bartolo, also the Director of Swordsong Records, he cleared up the matter saying, “Harperella did not release Beyond the Western Seas but simply played some Harp on it.”


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One Comment

  1. The Weatherstock section should read “…has bands from across the servers competing…”

    As one of the EU migrants I was honoured to have taken part in Weatherstock as a member of The Songburrow Strollers from Laurelin server. We had to roll alts to perform there. We had many offers of assistance to ready our band for the event.

    It was a wonderful evening for us, even if it did mean we were up past our bedtime. It was near 3am when we reluctantly logged off the server. A very friendly welcome we had too.