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Bad Weather Forces “Hobbit” Crew to Move from Nelson

Heavy rain has forced the cast and crew of “The Hobbit” movies from their filming locations in Nelson, New Zealand.

The crew that was filming at the Pelorus Bridge campground packed up in a hurry, according to campground manager Stephanie Neal. She said “They were supposed to be here until Saturday, but they have pulled the plug because it’s so wet. They certainly wouldn’t be able to film in this weather.” She also explained that the film crew lost 20 wooden planks down the river due to heavy rains and flood-like conditions.

Ceris Price, publicist for the film’s production company 3 Foot 7 said, “We were relying on beautiful weather. It’s just a real shame, because everybody loves Nelson. We have been having a lovely time here, but the weather in the last couple of days has made it very difficult. It’s time for a Christmas break.”

She also said that it was “extremely probable” they would return to the area next year to finish shooting at their locations at Canaan Downs and Pelorus Bridge.

Special thanks to “Seaotterday” for sending us this news tip.

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