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Wardens Interview Born of Hope Kate Madison

Listen to the second installment of Wardens of Westmarch tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th, starting at 2 AM EST, and re-airing at 11 AM ESt, and 7 PM EST.  In the Christmas 2011 episode, they discuss Professor Tolkien and Christmas, talk movie and trailer news, review the LOTR Pez set, and sit down in the Golden Perch with Born of Hope director Kate Madison.

Their debut episode is now available in the iTunes store! Proceed with getting every person in the world to download and subscribe to this podcast via iTunes:

The Wardens of Westmarch is a brand new show on Middle-earth Network Radio and is quickly becoming a favorite of listeners!

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  1. Episode 1 is a great first episode, btw! (I’m not at all biased, even though I’m the special guest) 😉