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Martin Freeman Doesn’t Feel Pressured as Star of “The Hobbit”

Martin Freeman will play Bilbo Baggins, unmistakably the title character, in “The Hobbit” movies, but when asked about the responsibility of the iconic role, he replied, “I honestly don’t feel that pressure, no.”

According to Freeman, his performance is just a piece of the character that we’ll see on screen. He said, “Of course, it is Bilbo’s journey, but I didn’t write it. I’m not directing it…It’s not my film. It’s Peter’s film.”

Director Peter Jackson has thrown a number of challenges at the star through the course of filming so far. Freeman explained, “The hardest thing is staying ‘up’ and peppy when you’re covered in snot or mud, day after day…I’m sure there’s more to come.”

Many of the scenes they have filmed for “The Hobbit” have been humorous in nature. “So far, what we’ve filmed has been more comic than heavy,” he said. “I keep asking Pete, ‘When are we going heavy?’ He assures me it’s coming!”

For a glimpse of Martin Freeman in action as Bilbo Baggins, be sure to watch the recently released teaser trailer! The first of the two films, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” will be released on December 14, 2012.

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