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Christopher Lee Wishes You A Happy New Year!

Christopher Lee, who played Saruman in “The Lord of the Rings” films, has posted a video blog in which he discusses many of the film projects that he has been involved with in the past year. “The year 2011 has been, in many ways, a remarkable one for me,” he said.

In this video, which is the first of two Holiday videos from Lee, he comments on his roles in “The Wicker Tree,” Hugo,” and “Dark Shadows.”

Lee also talked about reprising his role as Saruman in the two “Hobbit” films, and wanted viewers to know that the character is different from the corrupted wizard of “The Lord of the Rings.” He explained, “In these two films, Saruman, whom I play again, is indeed still Saruman the White. But he is a good and noble man, and the head of the council of wizards, as he always was.”

He disclosed that he has completed filming his role in “The Hobbit,” saying, “I have done my part in each one. That took about four days.”

Noting that in five months, he will be turning ninety years old, Lee commented, “I don’t play long parts. They must be short parts, but they’ve got to be parts that mean something, that matter, that people will notice when I’m on the screen, and will remember the character after they’ve seen the film.”


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