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TFI’s Toast To Tolkien Now Available For Download

The founders of Middle-earth Network declare January 3rd an international holiday in honor of the birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien!

We celebrated with a special two hour episode of The Founders’ Inklings filled with toasts to the professor. Plus many heated discussions about Tolkien and George Lucas, Tolkien vs. Peter Jackson, and the Hobbit vs. Batman. Music and merry making in double portions – only on The Founders’ Inklings!

Listen or download on iTunes or Mevio.

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  1. After the Founder’s Inklings “Toast” I watched “Willow” for the first time. There is nothing inherently wrong with this film or even exciting, just not my cup of tea. Okay, now I understand one of the comments in the chatroom about Lucas/Howard doing LOTR …. if you have never logged into the chatroom for the Inklings, I recommend it. It was my first time and we had a rolicking good time. We all toasted to Tolkien, and what he means to us. That opportunity was much appreciated. Thanks!