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Top 5 Reasons ‘The Hobbit’ Will Overtake ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

No doubt about it, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Hobbit’ are on everyone’s “2012 top movies to see” list. Both are in the spotlight and there’s been a lot of press on which of the two films will be better. But when I put both films side by side, I found there was no room for comparison.

1. A Freakin’ Cool Dragon vs. A Grown Man Who Plays Dress-up

Yeah, I went there. What’s more intriguing to watch, Christian Bale’s narrow set eyes pondering over his decision to wear a skin-tight leather suit or a bad @$$ Smaug, swooping down to light up Laketown?

2. Eye Candy vs. Body Odor

Have you seen ‘The Hobbit’ cast list?? Thanks to the genius of Peter Jackson, we all now know that Dwarves can be smokin’ hot. And what of that Batman suit? Here’s to hoping it has a filtration system like Iron Man’s, cause…eww.

3. Peter Jackson vs. Christopher Nolan

Left: Noland Right: Jackson

Obviously, Jackson has cooler hair.

4. Trailer vs. Trailer

If Richard Armitage’s singing and Howard Shore’s soundtrack did not give you goosebumps during ‘The Hobbit’ trailer, I declare you inhuman. Just hearing the first note of “Over the Misty Mountains Cold” put my universe on hold and all my attention tunneled to my computer screen. (And that still happens even after watching the trailer over a million times.) Watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer left me thinking I was watching the ‘Batman Begins’ trailer until little miss cat fetish showed up, and even then I began to have nightmares about the old Batman shows. Pow! Zap! Waam!

5. Middle-earth vs. Gotham

Now that I’ve got those reasons out, let me get serious for a moment. Yes, ‘The Hobbit’ does qualify as a prequel movie (even though, as a book, it is not) and yes, Christopher Nolan has more artistic license with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ but let’s not be too hasty, boooorrraaarrrroooom. PJ’s version of ‘The Hobbit’ offers more bang for our Brandybuck. He had the good sense to split the story into two parts, filling us ‘The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy’ fans into what happened during ‘The Hobbit’ and the time in between then and LOTR. And what about that “artistic license”? Noland may have more, however, Jackson’s got Tolkien. Name me one other author that goes into such detail and history as Tolkien did. I knew you couldn’t. Why’d you even try?? Jackson has a vast plethora of information from which he can pull from. Noland’s got a comic book.

I rest my case.

Agree or disagree? Tell us what you think in our comment section below.

*Disclaimer: Despite what I’ve just written, I will go see Dark Knight Rises. I love Batman and DC Comics!

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  1. ‎:D I got to watch dark knight rises unfinished movie from

    I am sure the official one coming out in summer will look kind of different than the one I watched since they have to change audio and add some more scenes.

  2. “More bang for our brandybuck”. Nice. :))

  3. fingolphin says:

    Too bloody right.

  4. I can’t see how one could even compare The Hobbit and Batman, simply because the two are so contrasting in genre, era, setting, and characters. Also, the two are merely different movies, not rivals.

    I will say, though, that a good point was made: “Jackson has a vast plethora of information from which he can pull from. Nolan’s got a comic book.” Well said.

  5. I fully intend to go bonkers and love them both, especially since Batman is the one fictitious character/world that I love nearly as much as Middle-Earth and my love for the big bad bat greatly predates my love of Hobbits. That said, Middle-Earth is the superior world…

  6. Let’s actually look at this from another angle: Warner Brothers.

    Think about this. The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit are the two most anticipated movies of the year. Like it or not, Dark Knight Rises is currently #1, but close behind is The Hobbit at #2. I think that’s a combination of proximity, educated guess and the unknown.

    The Dark Knight Rises will be released on the IMAX (among regular cinemas) which is the same place that The Hobbit will be released a few months later…

    Warner Brothers will very likely attach a new trailer for The Hobbit to The Dark Knight Rises (they’d be stupid NOT to).

    Let’s say that Dark Knight Rises pulls in over a billion dollars, and so does the Hobbit. That’s 2 billion dollars for Warner Brothers.

    These movies are right where WB wants them… both on the top of people’s lists for 2012.

    And they have every right to be. Either way, WB wins.

    And I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that at least initially Dark Knight Rises will be the most fulfilling movie, because it’s essentially the “Return of the King” of the Nolan trilogy (which is my favorite Batman movie series to date). It closes the saga and is an ending. The Hobbit will become more fulfilling with the completion of the story.

    And I say all of this with The Lord of the Rings as my favorite movie of all time.

  7. I can actually think of a few authors who have a RIDICULOUS amount of lore in their stories, though I would say it’s more quantity than quality; Tolkien kind of has both, but his also possesses a depth that many do not.

    Quantity of lore in a fictitious setting is not a problem. A better question might be to name a fantasy author that was not inspired or influenced by Tolkien. 🙂

  8. Arwen, your reputation as the “Hammer” is not without reason. You nailed it! I agree with everything you said, including Jackson has better hair. Obviously. : )

  9. I really don’t know, I’ve been a Tolkien and Batman fan since I was a boy, I think that the two movies will be great