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‘The Hobbit’ Premiere, NZ Trip, and More on This Week’s TFI- Download Now!

The new TFI is available for listening and downloading at: Middle-earth Network Radio | The Founders’ Inklings.

The Middle-earth Network and friends are going to New Zealand for the premier of The Hobbit in November, 2012 – and we want you to help us plan during this episode of The Founders’ Inklings.

Also: we stump the chat room with Riddles in the Dark, talk network news and updates, and much more!

Hosts: Michael Kaiser, Mark Ostley, Arwen Kester, Tyler Michael Jonsson.

The Founders’ Inklings is the show where a group of the founders of Middle-earth Network share news and views; we highlight network friends, invite special guests, and give you an inside view of the entire Middle-earth Network and its various community projects. And we invite you to participate in the show via the “Live Event” chatroom at, or meet us inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on the Landroval server in Lord Of The Rings Online each Tuesday night at 10pm, Eastern Time.

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  1. Roger Baker says:

    Going to NZ for the premier is a great idea. I want to toss my hat into the ring for this one. Are you collecting hats yet? I am a fan of both LOTR and Narnia, probably a bigger fan of Narnia which I discovered first. Andrew Adamson, Richard Taylor and Shane Rangi are New Zealanders. I would like to see Mark Johnson, the producer of the Narnia Movies and Gerogie Henley, Queen Lucy herself. These are long shots, but you asked. Please put me on your tour list. One way or another I am going.

    Thank you,