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Gandalf the Bartender

If you were wondering what Gandalf the Grey has been up to during the current break from filming The Hobbit, then look no further than The Grapes pub in London.  Sir Ian McKellen has recently acquired the lease to his local and has been welcoming stars.

It was quite fun on New Year’s Eve when we had a party and the locals saw Patrick Stewart, Kristin Scott Thomas, Frances Barber, Stingeven Boris Johnson got a reasonable welcome.” stated McKellen. “They weren’t coming down to slum it, or to patronise us, and the regulars simply accepted them as friends of ours….Tonight Martin Freeman, who plays the Hobbit, is coming here.

It’s certain to keep Sir Ian busy until he flys back to New Zealand to continue filming The Hobbit later this month.

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  2. Why didnt he call it, the green dragon ?