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‘The Hobbit’: Such a Tweet Thing

We may be in darkest January but thoughts of ‘The Hobbit’ trailer can still lift our spirits. The trailer was released over the Christmas holidays at much the same time as Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel ‘Prometheus’ and Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. So which one really got the tweeters tweeting?

The biggest buzz on the release of each trailer was for ‘The Hobbit’ at nearly 40,000 tweets – which was almost twice as many as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ received, The Coventry Telegraph reports. The analysis was done by Way to Blue which said

“‘The Hobbit’ is certainly one of the largest responses we have seen from a film property online in the social media era… 

“…Clearly the core audience for the Tolkien franchise have waited a long time to replenish their large appetites but we are surprised by the differential in Twitter volume from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (which is no slouch either!).

“‘Prometheus’ definitely lacks the overt franchise link in the way these other properties do and it has to work a lot harder given its tenuous reported association. It’s still a strong performance no matter.”

And it wasn’t just on Twitter. ‘The Hobbit’ was in front with a 40.7 per cent share over ‘The Dark Knight Rises’  (37.5 %) and ‘Prometheus’ (21.6 %) on blogs, news sites and forums.

Looking at themes and characters, however, it was the Alien link to ‘Prometheus’ that was most tweeted about, followed by Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and then Bilbo Baggins from ‘The Hobbit’.

So which director ‘owns’ their film the most? “Surprisingly for all the talk around Ridley Scott and ‘Prometheus’ it is Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ that comes out on tops… This franchise undoubtedly belongs to Peter Jackson.” 

Well, we all knew that didn’t we?


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