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Itinerary Brochure for Middle-earth Network’s NZ Tour is Here and it’s EPIC!

You may have heard rumors of a bunch of Tolkien and Lewis fans planning a trip to New Zealand, and I’m happy to report, those rumors are true!

Middle-earth Network’s A Long Expected Journey to New Zealand is a go! We’ll be traveling to New Zealand late November 2012, and we want you to join us! Dream of seeing Middle-earth and Narnia with your own eyes? Here’s your chance!

Thanks to Ian Brodie, our travel agent of genius, the itinerary includes Hobbiton, Amon Hen, River Anduin, Ithilien, The Emyn Muil, Embassy Theatre, Mordor, The Last Battle, The Pelennor Fields, Aslans Camp, Rohan, Narnia in Spring, Isengard, the Edge of The Shire, Edoras, and Rivendell!

If you are seriously interested in going on Middle-earth Network’s A Long Expected Journey to New Zealand, we’d like you to fill out a simple form, letting us know of your interest (link below). With an itinerary list as long as ours, this is obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity, so sign-up today. Remember, the more folks that sign-up, the bigger the discounts we’ll receive and the lower the trip’s cost falls, so spread the word!

Sign-up and Download the full itinerary brochure here.

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  1. Hmm … I get a 404 error any time I try to access the sign-up link 🙁

  2. Hello! Just wanted to get an idea of how much it would be for 2 people, at a guesstimate? Am VERY interested! Also, will this include The Hobbit Premiere by any chance? Thank you!

  3. Thank you Tyler! That’s helpful, even at this stage. Will keep an eye on it, but depending on price my friend and I are very interested. Thanks again!

  4. Very interested for 2 people coming from Western Australia.

  5. *beg…beg…beg* Any news???!?!?! I really need to know how much to mangle my budget for the next 8-9 months!!!