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“Hobbit Home” Vacation Site Proposed to Shropshire Council

In a hole in the ground there vacationed tourists.

The owners of Shelvock Farm in north Shropshire, England have applied for planning permission to build thirteen “earth holiday homes” on their property. David Corbett and his wife said the units would be would be similar to the homes of the hobbits from “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” and would be built partially underground.

The Corbetts also plan to convert farm buildings and create a holiday and leisure center for tourists wishing to stay in the rural area. Holiday makers will be able to ride, bike, and even get married at the location if the plans to the Shropshire Council are approved.

The proposal delivered to the council suggests that the site would bring an economic boost to the area, and David Corbett said it would provide new local jobs.

“The holiday market is growing as more affluent holiday makers look for regular weekend and longer breaks in attractive rural areas,” the report said. “This proposed scheme will help in ensuring improved economic benefits to the locality and ensure more visitors to Shropshire in accordance with the council’s own objectives.

“The use of this site for an exclusive holiday and small leisure park will further aid farm diversification and meet government advice and safeguard and develop local jobs.”

The Shropshire Council will review the Corbetts’ proposal, and hopes to make a decision by April 4, 2012.

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